Interior design and decoration

Gestión Obras offers different interior design and decoration products, as needed:

• Basic project of interior design: In this phase we develop different distributional possibilities of space to find the one that best fits the needs of the client needs.

• Interior design project: Once you have solved the space allocation, all project details will be defined: materials, finishes, etc..

• Executive project: contains all the technical information required for the project to be materialized. Includes technical drawings and installations.

• Construction management: An efficient coordination of industrial work process ensures the adequacy of the implementation the project with the required quality, and enables compliance with agreed deadlines and budgets.

• Project management: Overall management of a project, both technical and economic aspects and administrative (management of licenses and permits).

• Project turnkey of interior design: Gestión Obras has the ability to cover all stages of an interior design project, from the customer support in the preparation of briefing, creative project, and implementation and project management. That is why many clients request the execution of turnkey projects.

We design and create spaces full of life