Total refurbishment of buildings

Total refurbishment of buildings, according to your project or if you prefer, what we developed the project also with our own team and collaborators , including: permits, licenses and work execution.




We also offer:

Technical Inspection of Buildings

The Technical Building Inspection is a management tool used to analyze the state of preservation of the buildings over time and is renewable every 10 years. It is performed by specialized technical team and approved by the relevant professional association. Services that may include the Technical Inspection of Buildings:

• Appraisals and Opinions.
• Projects.
• Technical Directorates.
• Pathological Studies.
• Energy optimization studies.
• Licenses and Permits Management.
• Checks Facilities.
• Rectification and improvement works.

Energy Certification

The Energy Certificate is a document that describes how efficient a home is as energy consumption .

From June 1, 2013 is mandatory for all properties built before 2007 intended for sale or rent to have an energy performance certificate . It is awarded by qualified technicians , architects, surveyors , engineers and technical engineers .

Technicians monitor those elements that most affect efficiency: all they have to do with energy, heating, hot water, lighting, air conditioning, type of cuisine, as well as the closing elements, such as windows , doors, chimneys, walls , roofs, floors, walls , floors . With this information together with the information provided by the owner of the house and the land registry, the Technical Approved Certifier may issue the Energy Performance Certificate.

However, it is not mandatory to have a minimum score in order to sell or rent the property.

It is a label similar to the one used in household appliances, with a color code and a letter that goes from "A " (most efficient) to "G " (least efficient) based on carbon emissions per square meter of housing . In addition to studying for certification , each analyzed housing receive a series of recommendations for improvement that will increase at least one level on the scale of energy efficiency if the grade is B or C , or two when originally housing has a rating D , E, F or G.

If your prospective tenant or homebuyer doubt between two similar homes , surely decide for the household and has less energy, which will mean money saving in the future.